The Euro in the Tape: Finland vs. Russia


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Finland and Russia match result



Goal 45′ Miranchuk
yellow card 34′ Ozdoev

97′play play

That’s it from Saint Petersburg! Russia wins against Finland With 1:0. Although the game was evenly balanced, the Russians win quite a bit. In general, the hosts had more play. Russia Meet in the last team match Denmark in Copenhagen while Finland against Belgium should go. Kim Rellene Thank you for your interest and I wish you continued excitement on the Euro.

The Russians keep the ball cleverly in their ranks and let precious seconds slip from the clock.

Five minutes are returned.

op Russian President Vladimir Putin Know his nation in the lead? Maybe he’s watching with you now Joe Biden Party dies.

The Russians are back a long way. A lot indicates a close win for the home team.

84 ‘substitution substitution

Double change on both sides. Both coaches tied their shares to the latter.

The Scandinavians have only ten minutes left.

75 ‘substitution substitution

Change in Finland

lap come to goat.

A chance for Russia!

Kozaev I tried with a flat dancer. Hradec It becomes inserted flight forced.

The Russians are defending with all their might! Finland is getting dangerous.

69′substitution substitution

Finland is moving for the first time!

far replacing Schuler.

A chance for Russia!

Zemaldinov He reaches the end and hits the ball past the right post.

Scandinavia is getting stronger, and Russia shouldn’t become so passive.

About 4,000 Finnish fans dared to make the trip to St Petersburg. It is only 200 km from the Finnish border.

opportunity for Finland!

goat He ends with his strong right foot. The Russian Ranger can defuse it.

Finns come out of the treasury better, but the Tsars also have a stake in the game.

45′Starting Starting

Let’s continue in Russia!

Both teams play unchanged.

45 + 6stop stop

Whistle break in St. Petersburg!

The hosts lead thanks to a goal of Miranchuk In added time. Driving is worth there Russia Do more for the game.

45 + 2GoalGoal

A goal for Russia!

Miranchuk Slip the ball into the upper left corner! There is no chance for Hradiki.

The Dutch referee is not in a good mood yet and lets play for six minutes. Why only knows.

The Russians challenged across the Scandinavian penalty area with a beautiful passing sequence. But the final design is missing.

Great opportunity for Russia!

Ozdoev It makes a superficial capitulation and settles into the prism. Both the Russian striker and the Finnish defender need care.

34yellow card yellow card

Yellow card for Russia!

Ozdoev Remove NSBuilding away and sees the first yellow card of the game.

26′substitution substitution

Replacement in Russia!

Fernandez Cannot continue after collision and is removed from the field. come to him Karavaev.

The Russians decide the game, but their western neighbors can appear dangerously at the Russian gate.

A chance for Russia!

Ozdoev She gets to the end in front of the Finn box, but hits the ball away! Finland For his part, he won the first match against Denmark 1-0 and only one shot on target in the whole match. The Danes were then eriksen choc Unable to return.

9′where where

A shocking moment for the Russians. northern fire Thanks to a Russian mistake in defence. The VAR correctly intervenes and decides to offside too close. The luck of the Caesars! After the defeat against Belgium, the Russians could no longer afford to slip.

3′where where

Finland goal!

northern fire He hits with the first chance, but is a very weak offside. The goal does not count.

The Russians start like firefighters and have already got a corner kick a minute later, but it’s still pretty harmless.

0 ‘Starting Starting

Let’s go to Saint Petersburg! The Russians You have a signal.

Finland squad

Russia formation

Welcome to the start of the second day of the Euro 2020 match. Group B opens the next round. Meet neighbors Finland and Russia.

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