The development status of the self-driving cars developed by Apple, Waymo and Cruise has been revealed, and how perfect is the autonomous technology of the three companies? Gigasin

In order for self-driving car developers to be able to test drive in California, they need to inform the California Motor Vehicle Administration of the mileage and number of times human intervention required. Apple and others are developing self-driving cars.And emoFrom content that self-driving car developers have reported to the California Department of Cars, such as each company’s self-driving car development status.

Bloomberg tests Apple’s self-driving cars more than doubled in 2020

Apple conducted a test run of 18,805 miles in California in 2020. That’s more than double the 2019 test miles of 7,544 miles (about 12,141 km).

In addition, 130 human operations were performed during the trial run in 2020. This is a calculation that humans perform at a frequency of “once every 145 miles (about 233 km)” when converting. That frequency was “once every 118 miles (about 190 km)” in 2019 and “once every 118 miles (about 190 km)” in 2018, and Apple’s autonomous driving technology has been in use for two years. You can see that it has been improved significantly.

an AppleIt employs dozens of former Tesla employeesIt is known, but it is reported that Porsche’s Chassis Development Manager was newly appointed in February 2021 and the development of self-driving cars is expected to accelerate.

Apple has hired a Porsche body development manager, and the self-driving car development project is accelerating – GIGAZINE

◆ cruise
A self-driving car development company owned by General MotorsSea tripA run test of 770,000 miles (about 1.24 million km) was conducted in 2020. Human intervention was required once every 28,520 miles (about 45,898 km), a significant improvement from once every 12,221 miles (about 19,668 km) in 2019.

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Cruz’s president and chief technology officerKyle Vogt“We did a 200,000-mile test in the last three months of 2020, during which we never requested any human intervention,” he said, stressing that the autonomous driving technology on Cruise has gradually become more complete throughout the year.

Cruise received a $ 2 billion investment from Microsoft in January 2021, and it is said that it will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft is investing in “Cruise”, which is developing self-driving cars under GM supervision, to compete with Google-based “Waymo” – GIGAZINE

And emo
It became a subsidiary of Alphabet, independent of GoogleAnd emoIt tested 628,839 miles (about 1.01 million km) in 2020. Of these, humans were required to operate 21 of these companies, and this was the lowest frequency among the three companies, Apple, Cruise, and Waymo, which was “once One every 30,000 miles (48,000 km) “.

Waymo has been offering completely unmanned taxi service since October 2020.And one emoIt is provided in some areas.

How safe is it to take a self-driving car “Waymo” more than 60 times? Gigasin

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