The Democrats win Georgia and secure control of the United States Senate

Democrats win second elections in Georgia and secure control of the US Senate Atlanta, Jan 7, 2021 (AFP) – Democrats seized the US Senate on Wednesday with dramatic electoral victories in Georgia and beat Donald Trump’s party with a crushing defeat within two weeks of the president’s departure and the handover of Joe Biden has sweeping power in Washington, and Republican disaster in Georgia erupted when he announced John Usoff’s victory in the second Senate election was at stake. Trump, angered by his electoral defeat, launched a violent attack on the United States Capitol, disrupting the Congressional session to endorse Biden’s victory and plunging Washington into chaos, and Trump was defiant, speaking with his supporters at a previous rally. From the turmoil, he insisted: “We will never surrender, nor will we ever admit” defeat. At the end of his four-year tenure, Trump succeeded in from the White House, the House of Representatives, and now the Senate to the Democrats. Georgia, a southern state that had leaned toward Republicans for two decades, gave a political surprise twice in two months: in November, when the Democrat narrowly defeated Biden, then in the second round, in which two Republican senators loyal to Trump were ousted. The narrow and historic victories of documentary producer Usov, who at the age of 33 became the youngest U.S. Senator since then. That Biden himself took office in 1973, and that Rev. Raphael Warnock, the first African American to represent Georgia in the Senate, would end the divided government in Washington, and would give Biden a golden opportunity to pursue his legislative agenda. To the plenary. Warnock, 51, defeated Kelly Loeffler, a 50-year-old businesswoman appointed to the Senate in December 2019, while Usov, who became Georgia’s first Jewish Senator, overtook David Purdue, 71. The Senate is split in half, and future Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris will decide the votes in the event of a tie. Democrats now control the House and Senate. – Biden administration victory – to end the dominance of Republicans in the Senate has important repercussions on the Biden administration, especially since Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell expressed fierce resistance to the agenda of former President Barack Obama. In particular, it will be much more likely that the candidates for his cabinet will be confirmed in the Senate. Equally important, the Democrats will control the legislation that gets to the plenary session. Biden has made clear that his immediate priority is to push relief to American families affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Federal judges in Biden and any Supreme Court elections will likely have more support in the Senate as well, with fewer hurdles: The accusations from Republicans were swift: He acknowledged Many have argued that Trump directly damaged the chances of Loeffler and Perdue by questioning the integrity of the elections they were seeking to win. , President of Travis County Republican Party, Texas. “Countless damage an epic disaster for the Republican Party.” Trump launched a relentless and improper effort to turn the presidential election results around and focus on Georgia, but they failed. Republican voters may have stayed home, refusing to participate in an election their president said was rigged. On the other hand, the independent and moderate Republicans may be frustrated by their antidemocratic behavior and withdraw their support. Pmh / sst / gm / mps / rsr

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