The decision to scratch the head has been adjusted accordingly

The decision to scratch the head has been adjusted accordingly

Namaghda Ramesh Kumar ordered that cell phones not be transported to the polling station during municipal elections and if voters have phones, they should not be sent home. He also said that if a mobile phone is taken to a polling station, it must be confiscated. Within hours, he was disappointed with the decision.

Of course, the rule is that no one should post their own pictures at the polling station and no pictures should be posted to let people know who is voting. However, everyone was outraged by the ban on mobile phones of voters. Voters were outraged by employees who saw cell phones being collected near those coming to the polling station.

They said they would not give themselves a cell phone and would take it inside. However, the staff disagreed and the voters returned. Staff reported to the Election Commission that the polling rate was declining.

Criticism abounds everywhere as voters return only because of the cell phone. With this Nimmagadda corrected the error. Voters also clashed .. the decision was withdrawn. Voters were ordered to bring cell phones and send them to the polling station. And orders in this regard were immediately issued on behalf of the Electoral Commission.

Nemaghda has also rebuked the court in the past for such controversial orders and decisions. The e-watch app was brought up in a hurry and they were unable to provide an adequate explanation for it. The Supreme Court rejected the request on the grounds that it was incorrect in terms of security. Nana also caused an uproar over the volunteers’ cell phones use.

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Ultimately, the problem reached its climax when the Supreme Court ordered that cell phones be kept with a special officer and used in the event of an emergency. Now, Nmaghda has become very obsessed with the cell phone issue of voters. Meanwhile it packed.

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