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The great sailing festival, Sail Cartagena de Indias 2022, is back in Cartagena.

Five sailing boats are participating in the event and for a period of five days, people from Cartagena and tourists will be able to meet and participate with more than 1,200 sailors from the crew of these boats, who will present as ambassadors to their countries a part of their culture. and customs.

Admiral Javier James Pinilla, Director of the Almirante Padilla Naval Cadet School, highlighted that the Cartagena de Indias Sail, part of Vilas LatinoAmerica 2022, “occurs every four years and brings together the entire maritime culture around the sail, the maritime culture of our country and our traditions. It will be A nice experience for you to go, meet, take pictures, ask what you want and learn about life at sea. In addition, it will help revitalize the economy, and boost tourism, which is much needed in the city after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Below is the summary of the day.

Zion & Lennox continues to be presented at the Sail Cartagena de Indias Cultural Festival 2022. If you are planning to attend the concert that will last until 10:00 pm, remember that no ship can exceed the number of people as stipulated in its registration.

In addition, people on board should not jump into the water while moving and developing the event.

The arrival of ships participating in the sailing ends in 2022.

It is worth noting that next Saturday from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm a cultural festival (concert) will be held under the sail.

The event, free of charge, will take place at the main berth of ARC’s Naval Base Bolivar, and can only be enjoyed from the water on board ships, whether boats or yachts.

Pep Bueno, Peter Manjaris, Zion and Lennox are some of the artists who will perform at the cultural festival.

Finally, the ARC Gloria, a training ship of the Colombian Navy and flagship of its Naval Academy, docked.

The ship was also appointed as the floating ambassador of Colombia to the seas of the world.

The ship was authorized in January 1966 pursuant to Decree No. 111, while Vice Admiral Orlando Lemeter Torres was commander of the Navy, by which the Colombian government had given the National Navy a mandate to acquire a three-masted brigantine barque, for use as a training ship.

Despite the need, the purchase was postponed until Defense Minister and General Gabriel Rebes Pizarro, at a social gathering, gave his support for the project and wrote on a napkin: Vale por un Sailboat.

The official contract was signed on October 6, 1966 with Astilleros Bilbao Celaya SA, after which work on the ship began in April 1967.

The Cultural Festival welcomes the Sail of Cartagena de Indias 2022

The Cuauhtemoc school ship touches the soil of Cartagena. This is the Mexican Navy’s training ship where the cadets of the Heroic Naval Military School make their training voyages.

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Their design corresponds to the fourth and final of the Great Sailboats designed and built as training ships by Celaya Shipyards for the Spanish-American Navy; Its sister ships is Gloria de Colombia, launched in 1967; Guayas was launched in Ecuador in 1976 and Simón Bolívar was launched in Venezuela in 1979.

Cuauhtémoc was launched on July 24, 1982.

The Sisen Branco, a sailing ship of the Brazilian Navy, which performs diplomatic and public relations functions, has already docked at the main berth of the naval base.

Its mission is to represent Brazil at international sailing events, to promote the nautical mindset in society and to preserve seafaring traditions. It is sometimes used as a training ship.

She made her maiden voyage on a voyage commemorating “500 years of the discovery of Brazil” crossing the Atlantic in the same way that Pedro Alvarez Cabral did in 1500. This sailboat is the brother of the Dutch-flagged “Stade Amsterdam”, launched into the sea in 2000 .

The Cultural Festival welcomes the Sail of Cartagena de Indias 2022

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