The Covid Manager and a Little Creative: How to Get Events Started Well

Professional character Covid Director, Which was introduced in the latest government provision to comply with the health protocol for events and weddings as of June 15, You shouldn’t be intimidated. The important thing, for a sector like The events that have become, due to the epidemic, a black crisis, will start again in safety.

Personally, I have always been on the idea that things can be done safely without blocking them and thus feel like I can say that, in my opinion, It could have been unlocked before. At most, it would have been Think more limited numbers with tampons because the important thing is to create a bubble where everyone is controlled.

Since last year, with Photography, Sardinia, Italy The first event personally conducted after the health emergency of the first wave, in the summer window of July to be evident, considering the many guests who have come from the United States and other parts of the world, with my team Established a hygiene protocol that included sterilization of luggage, masks, spacing, serological tests and safety swabs For those with an unproven result of a serological test, even a separate waiting area for a swab result.

So, I started in a self-guided manner in making safety protocols for all events. The same thing happened, a month later, with Best Film Award for Filming Italy to Venice International Film Festival.

Okay , Covid Director, In my opinion, it’s nothing but A trusted member of your staff submit to your health protocols briefing. In particular, in the case of a woman award the best movie We had the Covid manager who was the person in charge who oversaw Air hostess Measure the temperature, that there is a spacing with the antiseptic gels. In short, the person who applied the rules of protocol that we imposed on ourselves.

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This is because we must try Don’t be overburdened by a budget that’s already in trouble from those who haven’t been making events for very long. It is necessary to adapt the numbers already available in his team to control these aspects as if he were controlling Scenography, decorations or restaurants are another aspect that should be included in the events. Of course, the prohibitive costs are for tampons that guests cannot pay at all.

I had quick smears at the entrance, so there was a need to look Personal health worker doctor. Therefore, in order not to affect the available budget, you need to abandon something at an event or wedding So that guests can spend a pleasant evening in safety. All this, with the hope that the Covid manager will be as temporary professional figure as possible.

But to get out of this monotony imposed on us by the epidemic and the related health protocols, Our individual creativity can help us. For example, You have created custom event masks. As well as antiseptic gels. We created cPacks of tiny gels with special fragrances for everyone sitting at the table for this reason It has become a tool and invitees will be tempted to try it out.

I tried to play down the difficult situation by creating a new kind of gadget. very important Enticing, enticing, making you smile, and coloring these things to make them, as much as possible, more seductive. Same goes for Chair spacing. It might seem like a nuance, but trying to create tracks can be fun for the event host.

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During the tough period I was serving reference food, I thought about it Create all of your disposable parts using one-part plastic bins. Here, too, there is a new way of serving food, and a new invention way of making guests feel safe with fun disposable baskets. Small packages and curiosities that the guest does not know what’s inside: Sweet surprises or salty flavors. It is important that you do not become depressed and try to use your creativity To make everyone feel safe and not allow others to touch things. But it is necessary to restart the event machine.

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