The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix movie, possibly directed by Greta Gerwig

Chronicles of Narnia Movie Netflix It is now taken for granted as of 2018, the year the streaming giant signed an agreement to exploit the business C.S. Lewis. Another great fantasy epic after story the magician, On which, however, a great silence fell upon her. However, it looks like the time to land the live stream of The Chronicles of Narnia has finally come.

The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix movie, something is moving

As reported by the streaming service’s What On Netflix portal, it looks like The Chronicles of Narnia will soon contain a movie that will reset the three we’ve already seen. A complete reboot of the saga, which initially seemed destined to become a TV series while now at least two movie series is gaining traction.

Greta Gerwig to direct

Greta Gerwig with Noah Baumbach at the Oscars

The rumors of the past few hours have always been relaunching the hypothesis that The Chronicles of Narnia will have an important direction for the two feature films on Netflix: Greta Gerwig, with whom Little Women has already been nominated for an Academy Award and is currently co-streaming. a job Barbie With Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

When we watch the movie

My Chronicles of Narnia movie project on Netflix hasn’t gone into pre-production yet, so it’s very difficult to imagine it in streaming before the end of 2024/2025. Netflix hopes the world of Narnia will be a franchise on par with The Lord of the Rings for Amazon, though the first transfers weren’t much of a hit.

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