The camera did not record this! Mizika had fun with him before reality even started, the real truth is finally revealed

A violent quarrel broke out between Miss Sofia Una Manić, Sanja Jakic and Ivan Nišković.

The evening was marked by a jealous scene by Ivan, and Sanga tried in every way to get close to Sophia Ona, even trying to seduce her with a kiss.

Watch the reality tape, click here

Sophia was raging all night, and Ivan revealed a secret that no one knew.

– We engaged even before reality began, do not forget about it – told Sophia Uni.

Let us remind you, Sofia Ona and Evan had a hot act two nights ago, when she manually breastfed him in front of the camera, while Sanja was sleeping in the next bed.

We invite everyone to come and stay in the “Bar”, get to know the competitors and enjoy the atmosphere at Vlajkovićeva 8.

“BAR is a reality, because it is based on an already existing tape, with real participants, with real guests. The participants of the BAR reality show will have to work and earn a living – to pay for utilities, an apartment and buy food. In addition to fighting for 30,000 euros, the contestants will have to put Bar is on its feet because it is a brand new place in the city center, at Vlajkoviceva 8. 15 of them have the mission to rehearse, attract guests, and motivate them. With their performance, as well as making the most famous and most visited café bar in the city.”

Watch the reality tape, click here

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