The Bulls retained their No.4 pick, striker Patrick Williams selected

The Bulls retained their No.4 pick, striker Patrick Williams selected

The rumors were numerous.

Wide speculation.

Bulls sits fourth, under the direction of executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnsofas, and was considered the first true wildcard from the already extraordinary NBA 2020 draft.

Will the aggressive new look system trade, hold back, or ship the draft together to get the All-Star installed?

All this has been thrown into the rumor mill.

The source confirmed that as Wednesday approaches, none of these rumors have been leaked from the law firm.

So, face of poker and everything, Karnisovas picks his first draft with his new organization, and stays put with the fourth overall pick and defense specialist Patrick Williams pick out of Florida.

At the age of 6-8, Williams is considered a 2D striker with a poor defensive mindset and offensive but close game.

Otto Porter Jr. picks $ 28.4 million this season, but the veteran striker will be out of the door by next summer, and a vacancy will open.

With Chandler Hutchison spending most of his two-year career in the coaching room, Williams will have the opportunity to become a regular starting line-up if he stays on the path the Bulls thought he was walking.

And the bulls weren’t alone in their highly rated Williams.

Multiple sources said the Pistons were busy all day trying to go from # 7 to # 3 to fend off the Bulls and capture Williams.

“I worked with the Bulls for the initial draft …” Williams said of the process, “I kept in touch with the staff, but you don’t really know for sure.”

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So why all the hype about a guy who didn’t start a game in his short college life?

He is the second youngest player in the draft and one of those late players who scouts feel they will have a game growing into an NBA body ready at 225 pounds.

But it was also difficult for the bulls to pass its versatility into a sophisticated sport in which positioning appears to be less and less important.

“Any part can be translated immediately,” said Williams, when asked about the transition from college to the NBA. “ There is some modification that needs to be done, but most of the adjustment is the mental aspect, the things to look for, the things to look at, the things to consider, but as far as my game is concerned, I think everything will translate. ”

For all the rumors surrounding the bull before the draft, the rumors that seemed to open their eyes were Karnesovas who sent Wendell Carter Jr. to the Warriors so the Bulls could climb into second place and take Lamello Ball or James Weizmann.

Obviously, this has not happened.

But the Bulls finally got a striker who would fit into a potential dynamic backcourt from Kobe White and Zach Lavigne. Williams immediately supported a defense that was more than smoke and mirrors than substance.

The hope is that he shows his defensive prowess right away, and like Jimmy Butler, his attacking game will grow.

Either way, Williams won’t question how the hype escalated last week and he bumped into # 4.

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“I honestly have no idea,” said Williams, laughing.

“For me, the initial draft of the entire quarantine, I was putting my head down and entering the gym, focusing on getting better every day. Everything happened as it was meant to happen.”

With their second round pick (44th), the Bulls recruited 6–11 senior men Marko Simonovic, which would likely be a draft and stash for at least another season.

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