Budget Mince Pies From Asda And Whichever Top Iceland? Taste test | birthday

Mince pies at economical prices from Asda And the Iceland They came on top of the festive gastronomic test, while the effort “claggy” of Sainsbury Weakens at the bottom of the poll.

Which consumer group? He said that ranges from Asda and Frozen Foods Iceland Both earned 73% in the workout, earning it Best Buy.

Its consumer panel – featuring members of the public – 12 premium chop pies from the private brand were tested in the supermarket to determine which were the most delicious, as well as the gentlest and least delicious.

Asda The extra special ground beef pies (£ 1.75 for six, or 29p per pie) scored highly for flavor, texture and overall appearance. Connoisseurs singled out “crisp” and “buttery” pastries and intricate pastry design. The supermarket chain was the first in the UK to start stocking chopped pies, placing them on their shelves the first week in September.

Luxury Iceland’s All Butter Mince Pies (£ 1.89 for six, or 31 pence per pie) achieved the highest score, at 73%. One panelist said they tasted “like a more expensive product.” Pies have also been crowned the best minced pie in the supermarket Last Christmas Taste Test From Good Housekeeping.

Iceland is back at the drawing board to create a new recipe for its luxury collection. The new version – again Free from palm oil It has a long and strange ingredient list. It features a buttery pastry filled with seasoned ground meat made with currants, raisins, and raisins, then some brandy, porte juice, and yuzu (a small Japanese citrus fruit), along with just lemon peel and orange peel to increase the proportion of tang.

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When it came to the bottom of the table, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference (£ 2 for six or 33 pence) was the worst, at 58%. Some panellists complained that they are “soft” and that they taste “stale” and “overcooked”.

Positive recommendations in national taste tests could empty supermarket shelves. Expected to close birthday Looming, consumers are stocking up on pies and sweets earlier than usual.

Harry Rose, Witch Editor? Magazine said: “While this year birthday It might be a little different, we want to make sure that at least the mince pies don’t disappoint you. “

Elsewhere in the survey, TescoThe finest buttery pancakes (£ 1.75 for six or 29 pence per pie) lost the best buy 72%, and while the pastries were hailed as “melt in the mouth”, few participants were uninterested in the firmer filling.

Marks and Spencer, Which this year took a part of tradition by launching it Percy Beige (or Persimas) minces pies, Had a 71% rating for the M&S Collection waffles (£ 2.50 for six or 41 pence each), which was among the most expensive in the survey.

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