The black hole swallows the Earth every second

An international team of astronomers says they have discovered a very fast-growing black hole. ought to The fastest growing black hole in the past 9 billion years is being. has a mass of Three billion sunsdevour every second Equivalent to Earth and Shine 7000 times brighter From all the light in our galaxy. This was reported by a group led by astronomers The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia, on Wednesday (June 15, 2022).

Other black holes of similar size would have stopped growing at this rate billions of years ago, the statement said. Search results so far only on Science portal “arXiv” to exist. Published in a peer-reviewed journal is pending.

The record-breaking black hole has been discovered: swallowing the Earth every second

According to astronomers, a black hole can by anyone who puts a good telescope in a dark place, It can be seen easily. be it 500 times bigger From the black hole of our galaxy. “This black hole is such a special case that while one should never say, But I don’t think we’ll ever find a hole like this againChristian Wolf, one of the scientists involved, said the team is relatively certain that this record will not be broken again.

Principal Investigator Christopher Onken from ANU It’s called discovery A very large and unexpected needle in a haystack, which “slithered” unnoticed for years during space exploration. It is possible that two large galaxies collided and threw a lot of material into the black hole to feed it, as he predicted.

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And by the way, our solar system can also easily swallow a black hole. “The orbits of the planets in our solar system are all proportional to the event horizon – the boundary of a black hole, Nothing escapes,” explains PhD student Samuel Lai, who was also involved in the project.

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