“The Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts”, the new Netflix series based on the novel by Sylvia Zucca

We went to the event organized by Netflix in Milan for fans of “The Astrological Guide to Broken HeartsWhere we met Silvia Zuca, author of the same name a novel from which the series was taken. In addition to the beautiful organization of the initiative, all based strictly on stars and zodiac signs, we discovered more curiosity about the book and its heroine, Alice.

“The Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts” plot

In her early thirties and single (not by choice), Alice works as a production assistant on a small network television, with very few career options, though she’s often the most competent person in the room. As if that wasn’t enough, her ex-boyfriend Carlo is about to get married and become a father. Added to this is the arrival of Davide, a brilliant and mysterious new creative director, who is hired with the challenging task of checking the team’s productivity. However, Alice’s life is about to change completely thanks to her meeting with Theo, the network’s leading TV series actor and self-made astrology guru, who is soon set to become her personal astrological guide for broken hearts.

LGBT TV series

Chat with Silvia Zuka

Sylvia revealed to us that the TV series didn’t stay completely loyal to the book, and, oddly enough, she loved it. ‚ÄúSummarizing more than four hundred pages in six episodes was not possible, so some things were changed. In this way – he explained – those who watch the series do not risk getting bored of finding everything step by step as written in the book, and vice versa. For example , we find the story location is different, in the novel it is Milan and in the series it is Turin.Then there were production needs that made sure to tweak some aspects so that they would be understandable in all the countries where the Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts is broadcast.

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