The agreement between Microsoft and Activision will be investigated in depth in Europe and the UK

an agreement Buy Microsoft and Activision For nearly $70 million, it could be more complicated than Microsoft wants. According to sources in the Financial Times, the regulatory process is likely to take longer than expected.

On the one hand, in United kingdom: CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) will move into ‘Phase 2’ with an in-depth (and lengthy) investigation, given the lack of resources from Microsoft.

On the other hand, in Europeas a source from the European Economic Commission expects this The investigation will be a long processwhich will begin when Microsoft presents its case in Brussels.


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The UK CMA investigation continues for some time give something to talk aboutbeing one of the antitrust committees that examined this agreement the most, along with like Brazil.

According to sources in the Financial Times, any appeal that Microsoft could have made would have halted the second phase of the investigation. Organizing committees will determine the validity of Microsoft’s Activision purchase agreement, which has so far aroused skepticism around the world, although Microsoft expected nothing.

Activision has not yet submitted the case to regulators in Central and Eastern Europe, and according to sources in the Financial Times, It will be a long process considering the size and nature of the buyera A large technology company raises questions between antitrust. “It’s a big, tough deal and needs extensive research“.

The main concern of these committees is to have agreement Anti-competitive and disloyal disenfranchisement to other companies by preventing franchises such as Call of Duty from appearing on other platforms.

Last week, amid investigations, Jim Ryan gave his harshest wordswhich qualifies Microsoft’s agreement as inappropriate, under which They can only keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for four more years than was agreed with Activision before the deal.

This is confirmed by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming The deal will go aheadThey hope to have all papers signed by the summer of 2023.

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