The 49ers may regret Dante Betis’ release, even if they see him as a lost cause

The 49-team likely did not realize the list gap that would emerge on Wednesday when they relinquished Dante Betis’ previous selection in the second round on Tuesday.

Since then, three of their broadest receivers have been forced onto the NFL / COVID-19 reserve list – including Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk – leaving them with only one healthy pass holder on their active list ahead of Thursday night’s match against the Packers. Midfielder Jimmy Garoppolo and teenage star George Keitel was put on the IR earlier in the week. There is an argument that this is now the worst attacking group the NFL will see this year, and possibly the least talented in recent memory.

So, while Betis has by no means earned the right to stay with San Francisco, his latest job was a costly flop last weekend that could have provided more hope for offensive production than some of the potential coaching team’s players. Summoned. The Washington Producer earned 27 passes for 467 yards as a rookie in 2018, but has only managed 11 receptions since then.

Betis was kidnapped by the Giants on Wednesday, indicating that the League thinks it deserves at least a shot on the Tank Team.

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At 4-4 in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, the injury ravaged by the injury of 49 players had problems far beyond the potential statue release option. But it is a testament to how desperate things have become, as Betis now appears to have been able to contribute to the second half of the 2020 season.

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San Francisco could revive a different receiver career, though: Kevin White, a former Bears top 10, is expected to be activated against the Packers. White had only 25 NFL assists in parts of four career seasons, largely due to a series of serious health setbacks. It’s the kind of lottery scratch 49ers are taking right now.

With the Packers also damaged, Thursday Night’s competition might resemble an early pre-season show in terms of quality of play.

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