The 2020 Dodgers lost only one series throughout the season. Congratulations, Rockies

The The Dodgers Uncheck all the boxes and complete their final goal, and they win first World Championship In 32 years, with one of the best and strangest seasons in the franchise’s history.

After a 43-17 regular season, the Dodgers won 13 matches out of 18 post-season matches, a ranked record 56-22. That 0.718 win percentage translates to 116 wins in a season of 162 games, even though we only got around during the regular season.

What the Dodgers had was a perfectly normal season schedule against the National Western League and the US Western League, and they dominated, winning 15 series and dividing four more. Then they won all four postseason series. They did not lose three games in a row throughout the year.

It wasn’t a completely clean wipe, though, thanks Colorado Rockies.

The Colorado Dodgers hosted at Dodger Stadium on the weekend on September 4-6, and Friday’s 10-6 win brought Los Angeles a six-game winning streak. At that point, the Dodgers had won 19 of their last 20 home matches against Rocky, Dating back to 2018, including the last five in a row.

Plans to win Easy Series were foiled on Saturday, when Blake Trains Three consecutive singles were allowed to open the eighth game of a tie, then twice in the second half Josh Fuentes against Alex Wood He gave us the final margin 5-2, the Rockies.

On sunday, Chris TaylorTwo games at home in the sixth game, but the Dodgers led by a margin. I thought this game would be remembered mostly at 7:10 p.m. single start time on Sunday (the day before Labor Day), but an old friend Matt Kemp She has other ideas, He hit a home run twice off Caleb Ferguson in the eighth inning To give the Rockies the lead in a 7-6 win.

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The Dodgers finished the year 19-1-4 in a series, with the only loss at the hands of an old friend. Glory, Matt Kemp And fame, Rocky. You were the only team to beat the 2020 Dodgers in a series.

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