Tesla raises the price of the “fully autonomous” option to $ 10,000

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Tesla raised the price of its “fully autonomous” program option to $ 10,000 on Friday, fulfilling CEO Elon Musk’s promise. last week To implement a price increase of roughly $ 2,000 in the US, this comes after the launch of a limited beta version of the software, which allows a select number of US customers to use Tesla’s automated driver assistance features on the road such as automatic parking and lane guidance.

In the same tweet in which he announced the price change, Musk said that other markets around the world will witness similar price increases with the launch of the trial version. He has previously said he expects the software to be released at the network level by End of year.

While the technology it powers is undeniably impressive, calling it “fully autonomous driving” is not entirely accurate. Tesla Users warn From his beta program that the program still required vigilant monitoring and that he “might do the wrong thing at worst times.” According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, the feature currently meets the Level 2 autonomous driving system On a five-point scale because driver supervision is still largely required when using it. Higher levels, a.k.a. as is known Like True autonomous driving, As per agency standards it requires no driver intervention.

Tesla has consistently raised the price of its fully autonomous driving package over the past two years, and it looks like it’s wasting no time garnering excitement among Tesla drivers who have been eager to take it on a tour after harassment for years about the fully autonomous mode on the horizon. in a May 2019Price jumped from $ 5,000 to $ 6,000, then to $ 7,000 Later that yearFinally, $ 8000 in June. Preserve musk over and over That this steep price is a slight change compared to The value of Tesla owners Exit from technology, Which He argues It is most likely Somewhere over $ 100,000. ”

As for how he got to that number, your guess is as good as mine. Meanwhile, Musk says the price of Tesla’s fully autonomous driving package will continue to riseThe program is approaching full autonomous driving capability with regulatory approval. ”So the odds are that this will not be the last price hike Tesla owners see.

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