Tennis: Zverev with victory and defeat in the comeback

Alexander Zverev won for the first time against Dominic Thiem at the Diriyah Tennis Cup, but then had to admit defeat to Daniil Medvedev. Photo: Michel Euler/AP/dpa

It’s been started. Alexander Zverev plays tennis again. In Saudi Arabia, he wins and loses once. But even more important is the realization that the foot is bearing.

Diriyah – Alexander Zverev is back, but as expected, the road to the old power is still long. The Olympic champion celebrated his return to the tennis court with one win and one loss.

At the Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia, the Olympic champion beat Austrian Dominic Thiem for the first time 10: 8, 10: 7. The sets in the first round of the exhibition event were played in the so-called match tie-break, and therefore were much shorter than usual. In the quarterfinals, Zverev had to admit defeat to Russian Daniil Medvedev 0: 6, 4: 6. This means that the 25-year-old will play doubles only on Friday.

For Zverev, it was his first official appearance since the French Open semi-finals when he suffered a serious foot injury against Rafael Nadal in Paris in early June. Born in Hamburg, he will want to get some match practice this year before things get serious again at the turn of the year with United’s Cup in Australia. The Australian Open will start in Melbourne on January 16, 2023.

“Nothing has changed in my goals.”

Zverev said in an interview with the German press before the event in Saudi Arabia, which is controversial because of the human rights situation, the agency said. From December 19-24, Zverev will also take part in the World Tennis League Championships in Dubai, another showcase event.

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“Nothing has changed in my goals,” Zverev said. “I still want to be one of the best players in the world, I still want to win the biggest tournaments in the world.” “But I also have to accept that I won’t be 100 percent again right away. Of course it won’t be a matter of today or tomorrow.”

Problems with the second transmission

This became particularly evident against Medvedev. After an easy run against Thiem in just over 20 minutes, Zverev was clearly not training for the match against the Russian. The second serve in particular caused problems, as in the past, five double faults were recorded after the first set. Medvedev won the first round 6-0 after 40 minutes.

In the second set, Zverev improved, when he won his first match to make it 1-1, gleefully raising his arms and allowing himself to be celebrated by a few spectators. In the ensuing period, the German seed fell back to 3: 1, but then made some minor mistakes again, until Medvedev managed to use his first match point after 1:31 hours. “It is clear that after a break of more than six months I still need time. I need time as a tennis player and my feet need time,” Zverev said. So his disappointment was limited.

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