Tennis star Naomi Osaka wins the Australian Open – a sovereign performance in the final

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka Turning a second time Australian Open– The winner has been chosen. With a clarity of 6: 4, 6: 3 in the final against US State Department Jennifer Brady, the 23-year-old repeated it Saturday in Melbourne. Masterpiece of 2019. After a tense start, Osaka didn’t give her the chance to make her final appearances in the second set and made her fourth Grand Slam title a perfect match.


In the world rankings, Osaka will rise from third to second place on Monday. Brady missed her first Grand Slam title a day before the men’s final between record holder Novak Djokovic and rival Daniel Medvedev of Russia in their first major final.

At the partially filled Rod Laver Arena, the outside quickly retreated. But the favorite seemed very nervous in the first set. Osaka started with a crushing score in the first half and a quick break, but on this stormy day in the Australian capital, many easy mistakes were scattered in the beginning. At first, Osaka did not use a 3-1 lead. After 4: 4, however, thanks to Brady’s mistakes, the game clearly evolved in favor of the former world number 1.

In tennis, women are always slightly in the shade of men. As the big stars with Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer form an impressive era and women lack dominant players, the winners continue to change and some disappear into oblivion. However, Osaka, a future women’s tennis figure with a star potential, also stands out because she has a clear say in social and political issues.

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For Osaka, it is her fourth title in one of the four most important tournaments: she won the US Open in 2018 and 2020, and the Australian Open two years ago. It can look forward to a cash prize of A $ 2.75 million (about 1.8 million euros) and has also confirmed its shape: it lost the last time before the season that was interrupted last year by the coronavirus pandemic in the February 2020 Federation Cup.

It really is thanks to Brady getting into the final. She was before the tournament, like other professionals, including The losing first round is Angelique KerberAffected by the strict quarantine. The American was stuck in her hotel room for two weeks and is still achieving the biggest success of her career. She was also helped by her German coach Michael Geiserer, the former coach of Julia Georges.

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