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Bombardier announced Tuesday that he was the victim of a computer break-in with “limited consequences”, but caused personal data to be leaked.

“Personal information and other confidential data affecting employees, customers and suppliers have been compromised. The Quebec company said in a press release that about 130 Costa Rica employees have been affected.

The accident occurred when an unauthorized person was able to extract data “by taking advantage of a bug in a third-party file transfer application that was running on specialized servers isolated from Bombardier’s main IT network”.

Bombardier specified that his intervention protocols would then begin.

“As part of its investigation, Bombardier enlisted the services of cybersecurity and forensic specialists who independently confirmed that the company’s security controls were effective in limiting the scope and extent of the accident,” the aircraft manufacturer said.

Bombardier said he was not specifically targeted because this vulnerability in the app he was using was being exploited by cyber criminals against other organizations that used it.

Bombardier did not specify the date of this break-in, which did not affect its production or its relationships with its customers.

Police authorities have been notified of this cyber attack.

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