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Berlin (AFP) – Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal will likely be present on the classic grass courts at Wimbledon despite his foot problems.

“Yes, he plays at Wimbledon,” his uncle Tony Nadal said on the sidelines of the ATP tournament in Stuttgart. His nephew will begin preliminary training for this year’s third Grand Slam tournament on Monday in his hometown of Mallorca on the sidelines of the Mallorca Open. “I’m sure if he had a little chance of playing at Wimbledon,” Toni Nadal (61) added. The 36-year-old has previously won the Australian Open and the French Open.

Just two days after his 14th win at the French Open, Nadal underwent pulsed radiofrequency treatment in Barcelona for chronic pain in his left foot. She added that the affected foot nerves will be numbed with this treatment and can no longer transmit pain stimuli to the brain. Immediately after the treatment, his nephew said that everything hurt. “I spoke to him again yesterday. It’s much better at the moment, he’s very happy,” said Toni Nadal. A second round of treatment is not excluded.

The Grand Slam winner had been subjected to beatings against complaints in Paris before each of his seven matches. He also revealed that he had been taking anti-inflammatories throughout the tournament at the Bois de Boulogne. He stressed that this could not be a permanent solution. At the tournament that took place in Wimbledon from June 27 to July 10, Nadal certainly does not want to repeat the procedure in Paris.

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Toni Nadal is not afraid of the long-term consequences. “It won’t be a problem later, it’s just a problem to play for now,” the 61-year-old said. “If he performs an operation, then everything is gone. But if he performs the operation, he will no longer be able to play at a high level. That is why he does not want to do this, otherwise the operation will not be a problem.”

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