Temporarily admitted persons must be allowed to travel in the Schengen area

The responsible committee of the National Council grants: Persons who have been provisionally admitted to Switzerland must be allowed to travel in the Schengen area. These regulations must be recorded at the level of law. It now supports the state board version.

The State Political Committee of the Council of States (SPK-N) is seeking its advice to follow the Council of States when introducing an amendment to the Aliens and Integration Act, Parliamentary Services announced Friday. The deal goes to the National Assembly.

The decision came in the committee by 14 to 10 votes. She said in the letter that this could resolve the last remaining differences with the Council of States. The minority on the committee would like to stick to the National Council version and solidify the travel regulations for provisionally admitted persons at the legal level.

Justice Secretary Karen Keeler-Sutter has argued that introducing exceptions to the law would create legal uncertainty. If some exceptions were regulated in law and others in decree, that would be a problem. It therefore recommended that the majority should be followed and that all travel activities be kept within the law.

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