Tennis: Switzerland in the World Cup final for the team

Martina Hingis is excited and applauds as a supporter of the team behind Captain Heinz Guntardt on the bench in Prague. Patti Schneider had a fever and was hailed as a co-commentator on the SRF mic. You are likely to have emotional déjà vu. In 1998, she was the first Swiss women to reach the final of the nation’s most prestigious competition, then dubbed the Federation Cup. To this day, they are not alone.

When Jill Tishman (WTA 39) sweeps her Australian opponent Storm Sanders (WTA 131) like a storm – pun allowed – 6:0, 6:3, she lays the mat for Belinda Bencic’s final match. And the captain, who has won all her games since Tuesday, including two singles matches against the top ten players, doesn’t take long to ask. Number 17 in the world against Ajla Tomljanovic (WTA 43) doing her duty with the same confidence: 6:3, 6:2!

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