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Tennis Cup Mathieu Warnier 11/05-2021 7:55 PM | Updated on 05/11/2021 at 8:09 PM

In a one-sided match, Jill Tishman gave Switzerland the first point in the second Billie Jean King Cup semi-finals by defeating Storm Sanders by a straight set.

Switzerland takes advantage against Australia. While Russia secured the first ticket to the Billie Jean King Cup final, Gil Techmann brought the Swiss team a little closer to their second final after their 1998 loss to the Czech Republic. A meeting the 39th World Cup took seriously with a one-sided first round against Storm Sanders. The Australian, in the six matches he has played, can only add three points. With three breaks and three lockouts in a row to finish off the first set, Jill Tishman had a very strong ascent to his 131st World Championship. She confirmed this from the start of the second round with the second half to take three games without anything despite a controlled break. To be proud, Storm Sanders wiped a belated goodbye to get back to three games. However, the Swiss regained the advantage of winning five games against three and getting the match. The Australian tried to push the deadline and had two chances to erase this late break. Jill Tishman had another opinion, and after climbing to the top, he wrapped up with his first match point (6-0, 6-3 in 1:05).

BJK CupCuba Billie Jean King / Vice Final 2021
November 1-6, 2021 at the O2 Arena in Prague (Czech Republic)


Australia – Switzerland: 0-1
Techmann (Switzerland) Vince A Sanders (Australia): 6-0, 6-3
Tomljanovic (Australia) – Bencic (Switzerland)
Perez / Sanders (Australia) – Golubic / Voegele (SUI)

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