Mauricio Villa agrees with the UK to cooperate to combat climate change

Under COP26, the ruler Mauricio Villa Dosal The administration and the agreement with the UK government to continue and expand cooperation with the Yucatan, by financing projects that contribute to efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

As part of her second day of activities within this global summit, Villa Dosal met with Jenny McClens, Director of Finance and Climate Change at UK Partnership for Accelerated Climate Change (UK PACT), a program funded by the British Government to support countries and territories in implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions, with which I discussed plans and opportunities for future cooperation.

Within the agenda he set at COP26, the governor also held a meeting with Martha Delgado Peralta, Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights in Secretary of External Relations (SRE), to discuss Yucatan’s engagement in fulfilling Mexico’s commitments with the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, an initiative of 14 Heads of State, committed to developing, stimulating and supporting solutions for the health and wealth of the oceans in terms of Politics, Governance, Technology and Finance.

During the meeting with the federal official, Villa Dosal shared the progress made in citizen participation in the management and care of the coastal zone in Yucatan. As a result, Governor and Delgado Peralta agreed to follow up, through the Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs, to promote the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Initiative as first steps for a leading country in the region.

While participating in the panel ‘UK PACT: The UK’s Leading Capacity Building Program Transforming Global Climate Transformations through Business Partnerships’, the Governor emphasized that major projects are being implemented within the entity with Charter of the United Kingdom, in terms of regulations, mobility, energy efficiency and decarbonization of development, reflecting the confidence of this UK programme, located in the territory, to comply with its international commitments.

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In this sense, Villa Dosal stressed that it is necessary to show progress in the initiatives being implemented alongside the UK’s PACT and being held in Yucatan, around sponsoring environment and sustainability.

And in the presence of Pak Dadan, Director General of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Nyoka Naidoo, Director, South Africa Presidential Climate Commission; And Kate Hughes, Director of International Climate Change, UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy PACT, the governor also noted that, for the state, it is very important to attend COP26, as it is a place where projects that promote sustainability are both necessary and urgent.

Villa Dosal explained that the Yucatan is threatened by the effects of climate change, due to its geographical location, karst soils and mantle conditions. aquifer, with the presence of caves, caves and rocky rocks.

The proof of this is that in 2020, we had to deal not only with an epidemic, but also with 2 hurricanes and 3 tropical storms, which seriously affected. our area.

To assess the impact of this situation, the governor noted that rainfall is 71% more than the average annual rainfall, where there is a record, “causing the groundwater level to rise by 5 meters above sea level, and, with it, floods.” severe throughout Yucatan. Nearly 85% of the field has been lost and thousands of homes have been damaged as a result of this situation.”

In this sense, Villa Dosal emphasized that the implementation of measures to reduce these disasters has become one of his priorities, and for this reason, through dialogue and multilateral alliances, the state governmentTogether with the Yucatecan families, he took on the task of promoting the development of strategies alongside great allies, such as UK PACT, whom he thanked for their support and accompanying him on his path towards becoming more sustainable every day.

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“This relationship is so close that I am proud to share with you that Yucatan is the state in which the largest number of projects are implemented with Charter of the United KingdomThe Governor stressed the trust placed in order to comply with our international obligations.

On this topic, Vila Dosal gave a presentation on some recent initiatives in this regard, such as the Climate Change Act, which is the product of this collaboration and was recently approved in the State Congress. It was implemented in a participatory manner, incorporating the vision of organizations and experts on the matter, in light of changes in the state and national and international policy on this issue.

Villa Dosal added that this law gives legal force to the tools, mechanisms and technical bodies in relation to climate change policies. With that, future governments are sure to use these tools as well impression.

In addition, he added, it allows the intersection of climate policy for the state, by creating specific features for all sectors in the government, in which the areas of mobility, coastal management, fishing, water, biodiversity and primary production are considered. sustainable waste and energy.


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