Tech Tips to Avoid Online Fraud Use these tricks while using public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi tricks: In the current age of technology, public Wi-Fi is available in shopping malls, airports, train stations, restaurants, cafes, libraries, public transportation, and hotels. Millions of people use public WiFi every day. But what most people don’t realize is that using public WiFi networks can be dangerous. All hackers commit fraud online, including stealing people’s data over public WiFi. Here are some tricks you can use to keep your data safe.

Check the network

Hackers often create fake WiFi using public WiFi. that deceive people. Therefore, you can check the WiFi from the relevant authority in the mall, hotel or airport. This will make your connection more secure. If possible, you can connect to the network via an IP address.

Use a VPN

VPN is the most secure option for using the public network. This is a tool that keeps your data safe when using public networks. A VPN encrypts your data traffic and creates protected tunnels between browsers and servers. With this, hackers cannot access your data.

Use the HTTP website

If you are using public WiFi, you should only use websites that have HTTP in their web address. On such a site, your connection is secure and your data is secure.

Use an antivirus

If you are using public WiFi on your phone or laptop, you should use antivirus software. Antivirus protects your public WiFi connection. If your device has any kind of virus or any suspicious activity over that network, you will be notified.

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