Tame Impala – This is how singer Kevin Parker lives with his family in Los Angeles

Kevin Parker, striker Tammy Impala, his wife Sophie Lawrence Parker and daughter Peach live in Los Feliz, California – AD visited them.

Western Australia is and always will be her home – however in 2019 Sophie Lawrence Parker and her husband, musician Kevin Parker decided to buy a second home in the USA. At the time, they really didn’t expect their new home to look like a real home. However, that is exactly the case today. “Los Angeles looks a lot like Perth, but it’s a lot bigger,” says Lawrence Parker. “We immediately fell in love with the Bronson Canyon area and went there to find a mid-century home.” She was hesitant at first when a real estate agent tried to persuade the couple to buy a Spanish Revival-style home instead visiting Los Feliz Hills in the 1920s. “But when we saw the arched window in the living room, we were shocked,” she says.

Kevin and Sophie Parker live in their 1920s Los Feliz home (shown here with their daughter Beach on a porch) when they’re not back in Australia or touring with his band.

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This is how Tame Impala singer Kevin Parker lives in Los Angeles

As the singer and mastermind of Grammy Award-winning indie pop band Tame Impala, Kevin Parker wanders a lot, often accompanied by his wife. She is the co-founder of Denada, an Australian brand of sugar-free ice cream, but she doesn’t have to be on site all the time, instead running her company remotely. They both traveled a lot while their new home in California was taking shape. So Sophie Lawrence Parker asked designer Jamie Major — an Australian who lives in Los Angeles like her — to help her set up her company, Major Spaces.

“Lily Lavender” is the name of the shade designed by Sherwin-Williams that adorns the walls and built-in sideboard in the breakfast room. Ramsay Conder bronze handles.

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The sunny breakfast room received a custom-made bench covered in a Missoni . fabric
residence. Papier-mâché lamp, Crea-Re Studio.

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Antique furniture and strong colors

Together, they put together a lively selection of furniture and accessories, whose source ranges from made-to-measure to classifieds. They found upholstered furniture for the living room on used Craigslist portal. Although the furnishings rock beige, rust, and purple, the family doesn’t find the room unsettling: “Patio doors bring plenty of greenery into the room from the outside,” says Lawrence Parker. “And when it’s open, there’s a nice breeze here. Being in this room after a long flight from Australia is like a natural remedy for jet lag.” The wall above the sofa features the large format “No Respect” by Western Australian First Nations artist John Prince Seddon. “This picture is my favorite thing about the whole house. The psychedelic surreal art of Prince Seddon highlights some of the most pressing issues of our time, and this work makes the space truly special.”

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