Take a look at the first picture of a real iPhone with a good shot – we’ll show you how to get rid of the ‘notch’ in a moment

One of the distinguishing features of the newer iPhones is undoubtedly the huge aperture, in which the sensors of the Face ID technology, as well as the selfie camera, are hidden. Although accurate facial recognition in iPhones is accurate, it can be a bit outdated compared to other recent smartphones. Apple is also aware of this, as it has scaled back the cuts quite a bit in the last generation and wants to continue in that spirit into the future. Thus, many speculations suggest that we can expect iPhones with so-called bullets. Jeff Grossman has now revealed on Twitter what this shot might look like.

In the photo of a real iPhone, we can notice a pill-shaped split at the top, where there can be much more space for notification icons. However, unlike the iPhone that was recently sold with USB-C, this is not a hardware modification, but only a cleverly designed wallpaper upside down. And so Jeff Grossman hides a real “slit” under his palm. However, his work may give a better idea of ​​what future iPhones might look like. If you want to depict your acquaintances in a similar way, you can install the said wallpaper, which Jeff offers for free download here.

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