Taiwan plans a future beyond microchips

Taipei – A few weeks agoThe European Union unveils its mega plan for semiconductorsthrough which it aims to boost domestic production and reduce its dependence on Asian giants, first and foremost Taiwan. Being able to scratch Asian hegemony would be very complicated. But relationships and the importance of Taipei from a technological point of view Beyond microchips.

The relationship with Europe suddenly entered Taiwan’s radar, also after situations like those in Lithuania. Today, awareness of relations with Europe has grown greatly in Taiwan which has hitherto been increasingly oriented towards the United States“Says wired Freddy Holland, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. European investments are growing sharply. “Especially for 4 years now when industriessea ​​wind They started investing in Taiwan, with mainly German and Danish companies flowing in. But European investment in Taiwan, which today reaches to 53 billion eurosIt is also found in the semiconductor sector. Even today Dutch Asml Is the largest source of foreign direct investment in TaiwanThanks to the acquisition of local companies such as Hermes MicrovisionHöglund explains.

The Chamber of Commerce has 39 committees representing various industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals to technologies. The investments were the most diversified but for 2021 it was energy sector to drive growth“, says Giuseppe Izzo, Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. Europeans are ruthless investors in Taiwan, Much more than the Americans, which is instead less than half in terms of foreign direct investment. The United States contributes to the Taiwanese economy through outsourcing, and it alone is worth it 20% of total exports Taiwan. In other words, Europeans create jobs, while Americans buy: Apple by Foxconn, Tesla by Pegatron and so on and so on.

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Reasons for the success of Tech Taipei

The sector that can retain the most satisfaction in bilateral relations is the technology sector. “Taiwan is a leader in many industries, come on Semiconductors to me the computerCome here Data Center Even thermometers – Izzo explains. I believe that in the future there is great potential for cooperation in the transition to electricity from the sector the cars. Taiwan has a number of key technologies such as batteriesstations Shippingand adapters and connectors and there are already collaborations between companies such as those between Foxconn And the Stilants. In the future, we can expect more exchanges based on a new generation of semiconductors and software systems, and if Europe digitizes, it will also need data centers, which Taiwan has monopoly“.

Many wonder how Taiwan managed to build this leadership. Ezzo says:One of the main points was the attraction through the parastatal arm of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (I tried) Taiwanese scholars and experts who have resided in the United States, including celebrities Maurice ChangBuilding entire neighborhoods with American-style housing to accommodate these scholars and their families. But there were also many local talents, including the creators of left. Today, ITRI has 6 thousand doctoral students and 10 thousand people spread over Hsinchu And the Tainan“.

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