Switzerland’s genius flag to spend Italy after it was excluded from the World Cup

Qatar World Cup 2022 qualifiers leave joy and sadness. While some countries win a ticket, others are neglected and in ruins. Italia It is one of the teams that will not participate in the international competition and fans Switzerland I was surprised by the worn wit.

This Saturday they faced England and lost 2-1 in an international friendly match. Although defeats always hurt, they played with the peace of mind that there was already a guaranteed stake and the goal was to continue with the international shoot.. This is why in the lead-up to the match it was possible to see how the fans who attended Wembley Stadium were encouraged to mock Italy.

They wrote using science that mimics Google search; “Italy World Cup Qatar 2022” and below it you can read: “Do you mean Switzerland?” . Sure enough, the goal was to mock the liquidation and they pulled it off very cunningly.

Switzerland’s genius flag to spend Italy after it was excluded from the World Cup

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How was Italy eliminated?

outside of Italy. one more time. The same happened in Russia 2018. Now the European champion.

North Macedonia advanced to the ground and won it in injury time with a cross from Trajkovski. And the impact is global: Donnarumma, Verratti, Immobile, Berardi, Insigne, Chiellini, all the great players who did not participate in the World Cup.

What a paradox: the father of Catenaccio, was eliminated by a chosen one declaring Catenaccio.

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Reviewing the match, it is astonishing that Italy did not win it. He dominated the game from end to end and had not one, not two, not three, but no fewer than eight or nine positions to impart football supremacy to the score. Dmitrievsky excelled in some goalkeepers, but most often it was the Italians who failed.

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Even with an empty bow they got it wrong. Like Berardi on the occasion that, after receiving a gift from Dimitrievski, his definition was so poor that he gave the Macedonian 1 a chance to recover.

But the scoring opportunities were not only at the feet of the Sassuolo striker. He was immobile and Insigne had them too. None of them scored, and that was the difference: according to statistics, Macedonia barely scored twice and one of them ended up inside. Efficiency kills tikki.

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Italy has gone from celebrating the European Championship, with a long unbeaten run, to the massive new disappointment that is leaving it for the second time in a row outside the world’s most important competition, the World Cup.

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