Switzerland vetoes Denmark’s proposal to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

ZurichJune 1 – The Swiss government rejects Denmark’s request to send Swiss-made armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, citing its neutral policy of not supplying weapons to conflict areas.

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs said it had rejected Denmark’s proposal to supply Piranha infantry fighting vehicles. Third To Ukraine, confirming the information from the station SRF.

Neutral Switzerland requires foreign countries buying Swiss weapons to request permission to re-export them.

In April, Switzerland vetoed the re-export of Swiss-made munitions used in anti-aircraft tanks that Germany sends to Ukraine.

He also rejected Poland’s request for arms to help its neighbor Ukraine.

Switzerland has partially abandoned its previous policy of neutrality and adopted European Union sanctions aimed at punishing Russia for invading Ukraine, an incursion that Moscow describes as a special military operation to disarm Ukraine and “de-Nazification”.

However, Swiss neutrality faces its biggest test in decades as an internal debate rages on how to explain a policy that kept Switzerland out of two world wars during the 20th century.

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