Switzerland supports EU sanctions against Russia

GENEVA, February 24 The government of Switzerland announced today that it has taken measures to prevent the country – which plays an important role in the international financial system – from being used to evade EU sanctions against Russia to invade Ukraine. In a speech broadcast live to the country, the Swiss President, Ignacio Cassis, indicated that in the face of the uncertain situation, the Swiss Embassy in Kiev was closed, but that its staff would not be evacuated for the time being and would continue. To answer by phone. The Swiss Consulate in the Ukrainian capital has registered 268 citizens of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry, in the Swiss capital, Bern, summoned the Russian ambassador to officially convey the government’s condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine. The Swiss president said today was “a sad day that we never wanted to see, as an armed conflict began on European soil,” despite diplomatic efforts to prevent it. Cassis called for a return to dialogue and emphasized that Switzerland would make all its good offices at all political levels in the service of this. EFE is-abc/mj

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