Ten pre-selection issues for Finland, UMK arrives with comments in Spanish


New date for this February with Eurovision picks arriving at 10, this coming Saturday the 26th, the popular Finnish Song Festival UMK can be watched for the first time openly via DTT.

Finland for the first time in Eurovision Song Contest 1961, he has since participated in 52 occasions. Furthermore, Finland is considered to be one of the worst performing countries in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. They have only qualified within the top ten on 11 occasions and finished in the final on 9 occasions, 3 of them with 0 points.

However, Finland has got Victory inside the festivalin 2006 with Pink heavy metal set with the song Hard rock hallelujah. Since the semi-finals were presented in 2004, Finland have maintained mixed results during their various participations.

Once again, Finland depends on Uuden Musiikin Kilpailuor better known as Your motherfor the eleventh consecutive year, making it the regular format for electing a representative since 2012.

The performance of this final can be watched live Saturday 26 February Starts from 8:00 pm at ten, with comments from Louis Table And the Isaac Urea. What’s more Spain will vote as the international jury for UMK 2022 With a representative of ten and 3 national artists.

with Your mother 2022 In ten, it will be the third preliminary selection that can be seen from ten after broadcasting the initial Estonian selection using Estee lol And the Marino’s tongue.

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