Switzerland rejects, by popular vote, animal proposal to ban ‘industrial’ farms

Two of the symbols of Switzerland are the cows grazing in magnificent green meadows and the direct democracy exercised through referendums and popular legislative initiatives. The appearance of two slogans on Sunday 25 September coincided with the holding of a popular consultation during which a draft amendment to the federal constitution of Switzerland was put to a vote, which would limit the intensive farming of livestock (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and the like) as a measure of animal protection.

In a simplified way, the consultation was officially named “No to intensive farming [de ganado] In Switzerland (Initiative on Intensive Agriculture) “in a common way, the adjective forbidding agriculture was used Industrial the animals.

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An official review of the referendum indicates that 62.86% of voters rejected the proposal, while 37.14% voted in favour. Therefore, the initiative was ignored and Switzerland will not amend its constitution regarding animal husbandry on farms, according to the balance presented by the Confederate government at a media conference. The participation rate was 52.27%.

The popular initiative to ban intensive livestock farming in Switzerland was launched in 2016 by various groups and figures in the field of animal defense from various social fields. In 2017, a committee of 26 representatives was formed to defend the initial proposal and in 2018 the process of collecting the 100,000 signatures needed to defend it was launched (106,125 signatures were reached). In January 2021, the Federal Council submitted a counter-proposal that would reduce the demands of the initial popular initiative.

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In March 2022, the Council of States (the upper chamber of the Swiss Federal Assembly, representing the Swiss cantons) and the National Council (the lower house of the Swiss Federal Assembly, directly representing citizens) formally convened the referendum on September 25. and recommending residents to vote against the initiative (i.e., to vote against the ban on intensive livestock farming).

Image of the web page explaining the initiative for intensive drying of livestock in Switzerland.


The process of holding and holding the consultations, with all the widely documented intermediate steps called for by all parties, was in keeping with the democratic traditions of Switzerland. A specific section of .’s website Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary AffairsIn this sense, it has kept comprehensive updated information on the state of intensive agriculture in Switzerland and the potential ramifications of the restrictions proposed in the popular legislative initiative.

For their part, the initiative promoters They were also informed in a timely and detailed manner of their objectives and the scope of the ban on voting.

located RVoting results It can be consulted on the official website of the Swiss government.

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