Switzerland launches the Guipuzcoan wave

From Aizarnazabal to the world. expansion Wavegarden Gipuzkoan Company It has no limits, and on May 1 a new artificial wave park was opened in Switzerland. This entertainment complex joins already built ones in Great Britain, Australia and South Korea. In addition to the R&D center that opened in the Costa Aurola in 2012. Since that day, it has become the world leader in wave manufacture. a A revolutionary and pioneering technology designed by Gipuzkoan Architects Who are leading the development of this type of surfing facility.

The A project to build an artificial lake in a landlocked country The fraud began five years ago when managers of the Swiss Sports Center, located in the Alps less than an hour from Lausanne, contacted Gipuzkoan, a company interested in artificial wave technology. “Finally, the work has been done over the past year and a half. Karen Frisch, founder and marketing director at Wavegarden, told the newspaper that engineers from Gipuzkoa will stay at Alaïa Bay facilities to verify the correct operation of machines capable of generating perfect waves and carry out maintenance work in the coming months. .

The stadium opened on May 1st with an unparalleled reception. “Reservations run out for the next few weeks. Forty people can surf at one time. It is a complete success. ”This highlights Karen who sees year after year how the project that started in Isarnazabal is expanding like a“ tsunami ”all over the world, even in countries without a sea.

Overlooking glaciers

The artificial lake is in an unparalleled setting with three glaciers located just a few kilometers from the Alaïa Bay Sports Center. The “Made in Guipuzcoa” facility is capable of generating between 300 and 1000 waves per hour. Entrance to this sports venue costs 135 Swiss francs, compared to 122 euros, and aims to attract athletes from Germany, Italy, France and Austria, as it is strategically located in central Europe. Despite being a landlocked country, Switzerland has over 45,000 skiers. National surfing championships are usually held in Spain and many athletes train in the country’s rivers and lakes.

Al Mouj Park It plans to open two more new facilities in Brazil and California in 2021.

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