Switzerland asks football clubs to compensate some epidemic aid

Geneva, September 29. The Swiss Federal Office for Sport announced on Thursday that it will ask several professional football clubs to repay about four million euros they have received, as part of measures to help the sport during the acute period of the epidemic.

The aid package has been raised to nearly €500 million over 2020 and 2021 to prevent the deterioration of Swiss sporting structures.

However, after analyzing the use of the allocated funds, the sports office concluded that the amount transferred to the Swiss Football League clubs “was not always in line with the desired goals”.

The purpose of the assistance was to cover financial damages resulting from confinement and bans for several months for all group and public exercise.

After a series of checks, the sports authorities concluded that there was an overlap of payments in favor of several clubs, which are now required to return what they were given a surplus, but only in 2021.

It is estimated that the amount to be repaid is around 4 million euros.

Instead, the government has dropped a demand to return the funds awarded in 2020.

In addition to football, women’s sports in general and semi-professional team sports have benefited from government support during the pandemic. EFE

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