Swiss judge charges Blatter and Platini with alleged fraud

The Swiss Prosecutor’s Office has accused Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini of illegally arranging the payment of two million Swiss francs

authorities Switzerland accused Joseph Platter, the former president of FIFA, actually Michel Platini, which was the highest pyramid in UEFA, naturally forgery.

Attorney General’s Office (OAG) from Switzerland to Blatter And Platini Arranging the illegal payment of two million Swiss francs (about $2.19 million).

“The OAG Joseph Blatter is charged with fraud, rather than embezzlement, rather than criminal mismanagement, as well as forgery of a document,” a statement said.

“Michel Platini is accused of fraud, instead of participating in embezzlement, rather than participating in criminal mismanagement, as an accomplice, as well as of document forgery,” the Swiss prosecutor’s office said.

This judicial process was opened in September 2015, an investigation that ended both careers as football leaders.

Both Blatter and Platini have claimed that the said payment was advisory work by the former UEFA president.

In these types of cases, Swiss justice usually takes years to reach a final solution.

Both Blatter and Platini have been sanctioned before FIFA Ethics Committee In December 2015, with a sentence of eight years away from any football environment charge.

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