Swiss Australian shouting teammates for a medal!

With a selfless gesture, Cedric Dobler becomes Australian champion at the 2021 Olympics: the 25-year-old of Swiss descent helps his teammate win a medal.

Cedric Doppler sets the rhythm of Ash Moloney. – 7 Olympiads

The basics in brief

  • Ash Moloney (21) wins the first Olympic medal in the decathlon for Australia.
  • His teammate Cedric Dobler shouted him out for the bronze in the final event.
  • The 25-year-old has roots in Switzerland.

Faster, higher, farther – Of course, the Olympics are all about outstanding athletic performance. But in games, the focus is always on sportsmanship. You pay more attention to that at the Olympics than usual.

Swiss-Australian Cedric Doppler did the same in the men’s decathlon. The 25-year-old of Swiss descent had no other chances to win the precious metal in the 1500m. The situation is different with his teammate Ash Moloney.

What do you think of Cedric Doppler’s gesture?

He went into the decisive race in third place and had Australia’s first decathlon medal in mind. In the end, it was a close match – Moloney broke away from fourth-placed Garrett Scantling (US) by 38 points.

A selfless gesture at the 2021 Olympics

Doppler also played a key role in Australia’s first Olympic gold medal in the decathlon. The 25-year-old, whose father emigrated from Aargau to Down Under in 1990, sacrificed his own race for Moloney.

Doppler waited for his teammate and ran with the 21-year-old as a pacemaker. And he kept screaming for a tired Moloney. “I was worried, so I started screaming,” Doppler said after the race.

Cedric Doppler shouting at his teammates for a medal. – 7 Olympiads

“I can’t repeat what he said,” said bronze medal winner Moloney. “I heard his voice in my skull like a bat from hell. Roaring like a madman.”

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