Sweet Tooth, Twin Peaks Influenced Netflix Series: Here’s How

The imprint of Twin Peaks, the cult series from the ’90s created by David Lynch and Mark Frost is also featured in Jeff Lemmer’s popular comics, including the series sweet tooth. The Lynch and Frost show had a huge impact on what the producers of the live-action adaptation decided to do with the Netflix series.

“Sure. Twin Peaks is my all-time favorite show. And that sound… That was when I fell in love with film and television, so, I don’t know if it’s obvious, but it’s always in my DNA. I work, especially when you’re in the woods and all Thing “ said Jim Meckel, Sweet Tooth product creator and executive producer.

Executing Producer Beth Schwartz he added:“I’d say it wasn’t necessarily something that came up a lot, but now that I think about a lot of our characters, especially Rockbridge, I definitely have some positive feelings for Twin Peaks.”.
“It’s definitely part of the show,” Jeff Lemmer also confirmed. The series was a hit: Could Robert Downey Jr. also be a part of Sweet Tooth?

Lemmer has already spoken of this similarity in the past:“I’ve been obsessed with Twin Peaks since I was a kid. It hit me somewhere deep down and has been a huge part of my creative life ever since. I have this very conscious relationship.” [con Twin Peaks]”.

Here is our review of Sweet Tooth, the new Netflix series.

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