Sweet Tooth 2, when will season 2 be released on Netflix?

sweet tooth It premiered on June 4th on Netflix And it could indeed be another success for the platform. Based on a comic of the same name written and illustrated by Jeff Limere The series quickly climbed up the charts to become the most-watched show on Netflix, so a renewal for a second season may be around the corner.

sweet tooth It has a 98% critics score rotten tomatoes The audience is 92%. The streaming giant usually waits from a few weeks to two months Performance evaluation of a new original show before deciding on a renewal.

However, numbers are not the only factor to consider when we think about what happened Buyer’s Legacy Which ranked first in Top 10 on Netflix for several weeks, but was panned by both critics and audiences, resulting in its cancellation within weeks of its release.

To know the fate sweet tooth So we just have to wait until Netflix You will not make a decision.

Adaptation seems to be one of the The best original products Recently and if you’ve already devoured the first eight episodes, you’d guess there’s clearly a plan in place given the cliffhanger At the end of the first season. It’s hard to think about that sweet tooth Don’t go back for a moment, what we’ve seen so far covers only less than a third original materialSo we should expect the show to last a bit longer.

Season one ended with Gus and many other hybrids Trapped in a complex where Dr. Singh Will run experiments on it to try to find it cure for virus that afflicts the world. Meanwhile, Jepperd e Aimee They are working together to save these children. Then there is also the question of the mother “dead” From juice To deal with it, eventually Bear was able to contact her over the radio and we found out she was in Alaska and might as well be looking for a cure.

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As comics fans already know, there is So many other stories to tell, Even if this does not mean that all characters will come out alive. In the event of a renewal, we will see them return in the second season Christian Confrey like guss, Nunsu Anozzi Come on, Tommy Gibberd, Adeel Akhtar Come on Dr. Singh, Will Forte As Gus’s father, Ramirez dishes like Aimeeme, Neil Sandilands as General Stephen Abbott and Stefania Lavie Owen Come bear.

Team Member No “we will see”But we will find again is the narrator James Brolin, Josh Brolin’s father AKA Thanos.

Suppose the show regenerateIt may take some time before you get your eyes on the new rings. The series can return in the middle or end of 2022, Bearing in mind that the post-production process takes longer, except for delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read our Sweet Tooth review and discover 5 curiosities about Sweet Tooth, a series produced by Robert Downey Jr., Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you think sweet tooth And if you are looking forward to a second season!

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