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Brixen – To date, young people in Bressanone have a wide range of activities and initiatives to choose from. The three youth clubs, Kass Youth Centre, Brixen Youth Service and Centro Giovani Connection, together with City Council Youth Youth member Peter Natter, presented the Hofburggarten summer project – spazio giovani – outdoor youth meeting.

In the past few months, the three youth clubs, with much dedication and support from the municipality of Brixen, have redesigned the Hofburggarten into an inviting ‘lounge room’ for young people, a place where they can meet, play sports and live together. On the one hand, it is a meeting place for young people in the classic sense (calcito, table tennis, board games, information brochures, etc.) and on the other hand, some surprising specials. A volleyball court has been set up as well as tightropes and skateboarding. A number of events are also planned for teenagers and young adults, such as small concerts, open-air cinema and dance performances. Even the circus will be showing its shows for three weeks.

“A great project with a very balanced program that brings young people together, gives them space to vent, talk, have fun and support each other. After such a long period of lockdown, it was necessary to finally meet the needs of young people. Here, as a community, we have been able to set an active model for our youth,” Cheerful city councilor for young people says Peter Natter.

“At the cash desk, we thought about how to make summer good for and for young people. In the spring, it is not yet clear what it will be like with Covid. Last year we put our main business on mobile work to connect with young people and we saw that young people are taking over public spaces, but no They are tolerated often. So the idea came to us to move our youth club abroad,” say Sarah, Sophie and Patrick of the Cass Youth Centre.

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“The garden should be a place for young people to turn. They can spend their time together, exchange ideas and use and experience the many fun activities. At the same time, learning opportunities and workshops are offered. For example, we help young people to write and send their CVs,” explains Mike Werner of The Service. Young people in Brixen, that we work with other associations and organize events for young people with them.

“We also want to set new standards in terms of cross-language collaboration and will collaborate even more closely in the future,” confirms Gabriel Magili of Centro giovani Connection. The Hofburggarten is open to young people Thursday through Saturday, from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm, and there are also events and workshops during the week.

You can find all the activities of the Summer Youth Project here: https://www.juze.it/hofburggarten/

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