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Sweden and Finland specified on Wednesday (03.23.2022) that their security and defense policy does not mean that they are “neutral countries”, and that they are studying the possibility of joining or strengthening their cooperation with NATO. “If something happens to our neighbors, we are there to help, and if something happens to us, we hope they help us,” they emphasized.

In a meeting with the press in Madrid, the Swedish ambassador to Spain, Tibo Touriinen, and the Finnish ambassador, Sari Rautio, stressed that their countries are very frank: “We want to achieve security with our neighbors and friends from the European Union.” .

Sweden and Finland have made it clear that their accession to the EU represents a gradual development in their security and defense policies, and that they, like other EU members, strongly support Ukraine and condemn the “unlawful and unjustified” invasion of Russia.

In fact, both have joined a shipment of military materials to Ukraine and appreciate the possibility of extending sanctions against Russia, although they know it will affect them economically. Moreover, both countries know that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought about a “big change”, as well as in perceived risks. “There is a clear feeling of insecurity, although we do not believe that Russia will invade us,” Tuuriinen said.

Both countries also agree that they are engaged in rethinking their security and defense policies. Thus, Sweden formed an analysis group which will soon present its conclusions; The Swedish diplomat said he would not only consider “whether or not to join NATO, but also a broader approach”.

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For its part, Finland’s government is finalizing a “white paper” that will also redefine its “inside the European Union” security and defense policy and its increased “cooperation” with NATO, which will soon be discussed in Parliament.

As for the threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the repercussions of the entry of these two countries into NATO, the Finnish ambassador stressed that the Kremlin’s threats are not new. “They do not pay the same amount of attention to the threatening rhetoric.” (EFE)

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