‘Tekken 7 Gone Too Long’

Tekken 7 really managed to emerge in a new era of competition that kept growing at a remarkable pace, leaving the community now at a crossroads.

In the final episode of Harada BarProfessional du player The General came out and asked director Tekken the question that has been on the minds of all fans for some time: “What is the future of the show?”

As for new ideas and characters for everything he’s been working on now, Katsuhiro Harada laughs with confidence and says that’s the only question he can’t answer, but he always comes up with an interesting quote.

“I can’t answer, but there is one thing I can say. Tekken 7 has been going on for so long,” Harada said in response.

If we take this statement at face value, it appears Bandai Namco is leaving the game, although it might not be the case in the end.

Harada then goes on to say how Tekken 7 was originally scheduled to receive only two seasons of content. However, sales were so strong that they decided to keep asking the company to do more.

Well, this has been going on for a very long time, Harada said. “It’s really profitable even after the second year. Given the development cost, the profit is huge. We took back all the development costs in the first two months of sales.”

It is very easy to see that creating characters in an already created game system is much simpler and cheaper compared to something new, which is what a fighting game and almost every developer has turned into. The latest generation of keyboards.

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The face of the Tekken developer team does not make it clear if they have asked Bandai Namco to create Season 5 for Tekken 7, but that pretty much means it could happen if they wanted to.

“If I asked the president if I could make the next trip, he certainly wouldn’t be able to say ‘no,'” Harada said.

As for when international offline events will start to become the norm again, Harada believes we will see them as soon as possible at the end of 2021, while next year we hope they will be more than before.

The Tekken online challenge has started again Next month and The new balance patch will decrease in a few daysSo support for the current game is not yet complete, at least in these respects.

You can check out Harada and Gen’s full chat below and let us know what you think the director’s statement means in the comments.

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