Summer 2021, tourism is ready to start thanks to vaccines

How theReal Estate 2021? The real distinction could be it Vaccines. As the number of people with immunity continues to decline, Italians will choose to enter Holiday They’ll likely be one of the two, like last summer. With a serious vaccination campaign instead, hoping that one will continue in the coming weeks quickly, we could reach 70%. Basically, the proportion is close to the pre-Covid period, when vacationers were 79.9%.

Research by Euler Hermes, a subsidiary of Allianz Group, in association with Format Research shows howAdvance the vaccination campaignAlong with implementing safety and health policies, It will affect next summer. In particular, the decisions of Italians who want to travel abroad range from 13% to 31.4%, but also of those who choose to remain within national borders, and here it ranges from 42% to 67%.

Is first Mario Draghi We are welcome to book holidays in the beautiful country, ensuring that we are ready to welcome tourists. In order to be able to move, at least three in four Italians guarantee that A healthy passport It won’t be a problem, as long as you really have freedom of movement.

Grow Italians tempted by food and wine tourism

By Stefania Oy

So let’s try to plan. Budget: For 12 days in Italy, she 1,400 euros for families€ 800 for those leaving alone or with friends. Abroad, the average day drops to eight: spending for families rises to around 1,700 euros and about 1,000 euros for single trips. But, again, given the general uncertainty about the evolution of the pandemic, more than 60% of respondents will book at the last minute, even one in three will do so two weeks before departure.

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In any caseEurope Tourism could rebound faster than in the United States and Asia, with 771 million tourists expected in 2024, more than three times the lowest level ever recorded in 2020. This is also because the old continent has seen an even greater decline in value. Absolute last year, with the number of international tourists dropping by more than 500 million.

By analyzing the tourist arrivals data from 1980 to 2018 on the GDP corresponding to the countries of the world, the research was able to estimate the number of tourists expected until 2024, which confirms this. You will not return to normal tourist activity for another two years.

New spaces for future travel and tourism: BIT’s private digital conversations are underway

By Alessandra Favaro

“The period leading up to the vaccination campaign, combined with the desire and desire of Italians to go on vacation, gave a new step in the resumption of tourism and the possibility of living peacefully next summer – he explains. Pierluigi Housing, Reserach Coordination Head. The virtuous path that has been taken will bring more than 70% of the share of Italians who will allow themselves some comfort this coming summer: today there are feelings of optimism and serenity. “

The most popular destinations in Italy for 2021 are all by sea: 17.5% in Apulia, 16.3% in Sardinia e Sicily, The Tuscany Up to 15.9%. Moving to the mountain, okay Trentino Alto Adige By 13.2%, then Valle d’AostaBy 4.3%.

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