“Stupid Remarks”: Babbel takes on Flick, Hütter, and Funkel

Former national player Marcus Babbel doesn’t seem to agree with the current developments in coaching at all. In one picture– The podcast, the 48-year-old, who was contracted as coach in Western Sydney in Australia until January 2020, enlisted some of his teammates and did not spare Hansi Flick from Bayern Munich. Babel is annoyed by the fact that Flick avoids making a clear statement about his future planning, and skirmishes have surfaced between Bayern Munich coach and sporting director Hasan Salih Hamidic recently.


“I can’t understand it at all. Meanwhile, I’m really on the wrong track because I would like Hanse to give a decent interview or make reasonable statements. Everything is very smooth,” Babel said and demanded the Bayern Munich coach “Yes, I’ll stay” or “No I won’t stay. ”Then:“ What’s the difficulty with that? ” About Flick’s disagreements with Salih Hamidic, Babel said: “What the two are doing hurts the club. You have a feeling that we are back to our times in FC Hollywood. I thought time was up, but now they’re back again. I don’t understand the world anymore.”

“When I look at last week: It starts with Friedhelm Funkel, then passes through Adi Hütter, and now comes Mr. Flick. You can’t take that seriously anymore. There is one stupid statement after another. There I ask myself: What kind of word are you?” They all have contracts or say, “I will never be a coach again, because I did really well in Düsseldorf and have the best team,” Babel said, looking at Funkel, who then said: “An explosion, a hit in Cologne.” Babbel on Hütter: “The other says,” No, I will stay, “and he is now serving at Gladbach.

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