According to Turkey, the United States is sending warships to the Black Sea

DrTurkish sources said that the United States is sending two warships to the Black Sea. A Turkish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur Friday that Turkey informed the passage through the Bosphorus strait 15 days ago through diplomatic channels. The ships were to remain in the Black Sea until May 4. The exact date of the planned pass was not clear at first.

According to the Treaty of Montreux, Turkey has sovereignty over the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, which connect the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. Merchant ships from all countries have freedom of passage in peacetime. There are restrictions on marine vessels.

Initially, it was not known if the measure was linked to the renewed escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. US President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman, Jane Psaki, said recently that the United States “is increasingly concerned about the recent escalating Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine.” There are now more Russian soldiers on the Russian border with Ukraine than there have been since 2014. In addition, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed this week alone. “These are all very worrying signs,” Psaki said.

Cossacks threaten Russian intervention

On Thursday, Dmitry Kusak, deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration and Ukraine’s representative to President Vladimir Putin, threatened Russian intervention to “protect” Russian citizens in the Moscow-controlled “People’s Republics” in Donetsk and Luhansk. Against the backdrop of a Russian march on the border with Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea peninsula, Kusak in Moscow described the government in Kiev as “children with matches”. Now everything depends on the extent of the fire. If there is Srebrenica there, as our president says, we will obviously have to step in to protect it. “

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