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Idea warned that Wednesday night It will rain with electrical storms in the sectors of the Caribbean, Including eastern and western national marine area and archipelago San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

The above, before the imminent passage of a potential tropical cyclone, with a high probability of becoming a hurricane.

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Similarly, Ideam reports, it estimates rainfall in the north and east of the Andes and in various sectors of the Pacific, Orinoquia and Amazon regions. With the possibility of electric shocks.

It is estimated that the winds will reach tropical storm strength within the next 48 hours, which equates to an intensity greater than 63 km/h. Although there is still a great deal of uncertainty about how the storm, which would get the name “Bonnie” if it became a hurricane, would develop, that’s what is known about it so far.

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IDEAM also reports that permanent monitoring of the evolution system for a potential tropical cyclone is being carried out in the Caribbean, in La Guajira and Riohacha.

Ideam Director Yolanda Gonzalez recommended:Evacuate the beaches of the Colombian Caribbean coast, so that they are protected and housed in safe places“.

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In the event that electric storms, storms and strong winds arrive, the first thing is Find a safe haven. According to Ideam, people are exposed to staying in open areas, under trees and tall metal structures, because they may be subjected to electric shocks.

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It is also recommended Avoid sports activities In open areas during storms.

As far as homes are concerned, the right thing to do is insurance and Review the condition of ceilings and high structures that may collapse Sometime due to strong gale winds. In addition, it is recommended to carry out cleaning work on roofs, drainpipes and drains in non-rainy conditions.

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