Stock exchange: Milan is at stake, Rezeco pushes Bper and Banco Bpm – the economy

(ANSA) – Milan, May 25 – Piazza Affari closed flat (+ 0.01%) in a mixed day for European stock exchanges either slowing or flatly declining, in the wake of Wall Street, after gains in the morning. To the German Ifo Business Confidence Index is higher than analysts’ estimates. US listings, although fears of a return to inflation and the consequence of more restrictive monetary policies have been affected, including the Nasdaq, by US consumer confidence in May and US new home sales in April, which turned out to be below expectations.

In Milan, Bper (+ 2.21%) and Banco Bpm (+ 1.33%) were highlighted, again on the premise of aggregation in the banking risk scenario as well as for formalizing the planned sale of 1, 5 billion npl of led by Giuseppe Castagna. Unicredit also performed well (+ 0.94%), neglecting instead of the main basket, Mps (+ 0.12%).

Among the big purchases on Amplifon (+ 2.14%) and Moncler (+ 1.25%) with the luxury segment, sales returned instead Unipol (-2.5%), Tenaris (-1.97%), A2a (-1.83%) and Tem ( 1.49%) Autogrill down (-3.47%) after calculations. (handle).

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