Stephen Curry reacts to his wife Aisha’s new blonde hair

Aisha Curry turned heads on social media on Sunday with revealing that she now has blonde hair. The change in hair color stunned many fans, but her husband, Steve Curry, was a huge fan. The Golden State Warriors star said his wife was beautiful before she criticized the “damn” on social media.

“You’re a pretty kid. Don’t you let anyone tell you differently? I mean that. There’s just a bunch of damn out there and I don’t like it. I don’t like one thing. Does it bother me,” Carrie wrote in the comments on Instagram. Then go on joking about whether the hair is real. “Note: If the wig falls off, I won’t tell anyone, I promise. Pinky, I promise. It’ll be funny, but nobody will know. Wait – I’ve been in this bed the whole time ??? So I know. Now I’m stumbling.”

When Curry debuted her new locks, fans reacted on social media in two different ways. Some said they like blonde hair and that the author of the cookbook is beautiful. But others criticized the poetry. They expressed the opinion that the blonde was not very good looking. One person also made allegations that Curry had a nose job.

Steve and Aisha have been married since 2011. They have three children together – two daughters Riley, 8, Ryan, 5, and two-year-old son Cannon. As the Golden State Warriors star showed on Instagram, he remains a huge fan of his wife and has enjoyed extra time at home with her.

The Golden State Warriors did not join other NBA teams in the Orlando bubble after a long delay due to COVID-19. Steve was at home with his family and helped his wife balance hectic schedules. He also took part in important educational opportunities, such as the seven-mile walk during the Black Lives Matter demonstration.

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Additionally, Steve worked on his writing skills during his quarantine time. Curry posted a video on Instagram Stories in April that showed Curry hunched over on a laptop while in self-quarantine. He was playing a game that was testing his writing skills but seemed to struggle. “I didn’t really learn how to write, but a second grader…” Curry said before advancing. Then he expressed his frustration while Aisha laughed.

The NBA player has not provided updates on his ongoing pursuit of perfection in writing. However, he continued to support his wife while calling out critical social media users. His comments about her blonde hair are just the latest example.

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