Kelly Clarkson beat the mentor to bring his own trailer to ‘The Voice’

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season two began with Music Week, which featured a five-day-to-air marathon of first-class musicians. To delight fans, R&B star Usher joined the show. While there, he talked with Clarkson about crossing the lanes the sound.

Usher and Kelly Clarkson at The Kelly Clarkson Show | Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Usher will appear on “The Voice” as a mentor

Kelly Clarkson welcomed Asher The Kelly Clarkson Show For a socially distant interview on her huge couch. Live in front of a virtual studio audience, Clarkson would ask the star about his experiences as a mentor the sound.

Clarkson asked, “Have you enjoyed it the sound? Without hesitation, Asher smiled, “You had a great time at the sound.The talk show veteran agreed that the reality singing competition series was really a good experience.

Kelly Clarkson quizzes Usher about his private trailer, which looks as cool as it sounds

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Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will all be sitting on the red coaches’ seats during the sound Season 19. Since Clarkson was coach on the show, she and Usher had seen each other around the production set when he appeared to direct various acts.

Usually, in show business, when star guests visit production sets, the crew prepares them in beautiful digs, equipped with amenities and facilities. But in a real-world twist, the talk show host recalled hearing a gossip on display that Usher actually brought his trailer.

Clarkson asked the artist, “Was it for COVID?”

Usher came clean, saying, “It popped up, you know, with the COVID rules, it’d be kind of better to bring, you know what I’m saying?” “You usually want to bring your own lunch. I, for example, brought my own idea for a trailer.”

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Clarkson shared a photo of the Usher pop-up trailer he brought him the sound And he asked me, “So, do you bring your trailer everywhere, or is it fair; we were special?”

The star admitted it was recently a standard running procedure. Eyebrow meditates, “I think I made it a home away from home everywhere I go. I was able to drive this thing north in California and go to Yosemite Park, and you know, just enjoy this moment, take advantage of these moments.”

“It was very comfortable,” Asher added. Don’t expect less than that.

The artists were joking amusingly about another result of COVID-19

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Aside from Usher’s new habit of hopping around a trailer for guest appearances in shows like the sound, Talk to Clarkson about the fun of homeschooling.

Clarkson asked, “So, are you glad that homeschooling is over in your home?”

“Oh man, yeah, I am,” answered Usher, without missing anything. In between chuckles, Clarkson admits that she once believed her nanny would definitely quit during a pandemic.

“God bless the teachers,” Hajeb seriously declared. Clarkson rang out, “The teachers are the best. They are not appreciated. I’m with you on that.”

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