Staying in Italy, but working for a foreign company: How smart work encourages international relations

Working for a foreign company without crossing the border of Italy? Not only is this possible today, but it is also an attractive prospect for many professionals.

If the recent health crisis has radically transformed the world of work, requiring the adoption of emergency solutions like that smart work Widespread, manifested at the same time new opportunities That in the pre-pandemic era, little or nothing was explored, just like the possibility of remote working for companies across borders.

From a recent poll he did wisdom, the brand of J . group that deals with the search and selection of middle and upper management profiles, and so the will emerged, among Italian professionals and managers, to It has business relationship with international companies but from Italy: to say is 93% of respondents in a sample of over 1,500 people. The reasons are many and varied: to live an international experience without leaving the family, to explore new perspectives and methodologies, to take on new challenges, to help the environment by reducing home office trips or even to reduce unemployment.

A lack of human contact? It’s not scary, because “empathy knows no bounds” and the human component “can also be polished behind a curtain” – ideas perhaps the result of a year of social distancing.

The results of the survey highlight the desire of Italian workers to take full advantage of the potential of Distance working, confirming Wyser’s 2020 research data where 2020 60% Those who were interviewed declared themselves Willing to change jobs if you return to the office full time. This data is also in line with international trends: according to research by McKinsey The 52% of workers want a A more flexible future of work.

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So, on the one hand, there is a strong tendency towards remote work for companies located abroad, on the other hand, there is no shortage of those who have the opposite experience, Work for Italy from another country. For 42% of survey respondents, ، Spain It represents the most popular half of a cross-border professional experience, followed by United kingdom (31%) e France (11%). The remaining 16% is not only targeting European destinations such as PortugalAnd the Ireland a Germany, but also looks beyond, even China, All’Indonesia or ai United States of America. This choice is dictated not only by purely professional elements, but also by cultural elements and the way of life of the indicated nation, a common orientation between 71% Interviewees, for whom quality of life is the main factor to be evaluated in choosing a foreign country in which to continue working in companies located in Italy

“The physicalization of the workplace opens up new and stimulating employment opportunities for Italian professionals. The possibility of developing and maintaining working relationships to and from abroad is a source of enrichment not only from a professional point of view but also from a personal point of view – comments Carlo Caporal, CEO of Wyser Italia -. Technological advances that allow managers to continue to explore the possibilities of remote work were already widespread in part in the sectors of finance, insurance, management, professional services, and information technology, and today it is also expanding to other areas. In this global context, it becomes imperative that the candidate be able to rely on a master hunter with a deep knowledge of local markets, who can then guide him in his career path and identify unexpected opportunities.”

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